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  • Description : Application and performance D-130(SI40) Silane that can be applied neat, diluted or as part of a formulated product. Applied to natural stones or other construction materials, it forms a silica-gel like binder (SiO2) that increases the substrate strength. Polymerization of silicone resins for use in paints and other surface modification applications intermediate for sol-gel process. For the manufacture of sealant materials RTV-2, D-130 ( SI40 ) can be used as a cross-linking agent. O
  • IUPAC names : tetraethoxysilane
  • Other names : tetraethyl orthosilicate; ethyl silicate; silicic acid tetraethyl ester; silicon ethoxide; TEOS; tetraethyl silicate
  • CAS No : 78-10-4
  • HS Code : 29209090
  • Import duty : 7.5%
  • Anti-dumping duty :
Name Hubei bluesky chemicals Inc
Company china
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Location 8 Development Avenue, Chemical Industry Park, Economic Development Zone, Xiantao, HuBei
Registration No. 429001949
Incorporation Date 28 Sep, 1949
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Website WWW.Blueskychemical.com
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