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  • Description : The product is the main ingredient of polysiloxane, and it is used in thread industry. Main Technical Index 1. Appearance: Transparent liquid 2. Specific Weight: 0.91~0.95 3. Viscosity: 100~5000cs Performance and Use Cotton, wool, silk, synthetic fiber and glass fiber treated by this product will have following advantages: 1. Excellent waterproof property. 2. Soft, smooth, glossy and weather resistance. 3. Increase lubricating property of fiber and easy for processing.
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  • HS Code : 39100020
  • Import duty : 7.5%
  • Anti-dumping duty :
Name Hubei Zaoyang Xin Sihai Chemical Industry Co.Ltd.
Company Hubei New Sihai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
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Location 3rd building, 5th village, Wangjiawan Committee, South Area, Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, China
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