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  • Increase your sales and profits

Free sales channel

  • Free registration and product listing
  • No transaction fees
  • No hidden costs

Online Convenience

  • Negotiate, confirm and track your order online
  • Available 24x7 on mobile app
  • Get credit insurance and other partner services online


  • Register free of cost
  • Activate account from your email

Add Products

  • Click on Add products
  • Upload product details you want to sell
  • We will review product details, fill up missing information, and place on

Receive Orders

  • Respond to request for quotations (RFQ)
  • Negotiate to receive order confirmation
  • Receive purchase order/provide sales contract

Track order end-to-end

  • Track your order step by step
  • Arrange shipment
  • Share shipping documents,
  • Provide shipping information
  • Receive payment details/LC copy
  • Receive alerts and notifications.
  • Know status 24x7

Receive Payment

  • Receive payment as per agreed terms
  • Receive closure report

Getting Started is an online platform for import and export of chemicals.
Manufacturers, distributors, stockists, wholesalers and agents can sell on Trademaya.
You can sell a variety of chemicals on Trademaya
It is simple and easy. Click here to navigate to the online registration form. Registration is free on Our sales team will get in touch with you to get to know about you and your products after which you can start selling on Trademaya.
No. If you want to change your user ID, you will have to re-register with a new user ID.
Request for a new password, a new password will be sent to your registered email account. Please contact the administrator if you have forgotten your user ID.
Yes you can procure a sample through us. Normally, the sample is provided free of cost by the seller but shipment cost is to be paid by the buyer. We can receive the shipment cost on behalf of the seller and pass it on to them for them to send the sample.
Currently, Trademaya platform can only be used for import and export of chemicals. We are shortly launching a platform for domestic trade in India.


You must begin by listing your products on by clicking the Add New Listing button in your dashboard, and filling up the product details. We will review the product details, provide any missing information and then display your products on the Trademaya platform, Pre-qualified buyers will then send their requests for quotation that you should respond to, negotiate and receive confirmation of order on the platform itself.
You can see the RFQ from buyers in the My RFQ’s tab of your dashboard. Click Neg button and fill up the figures and terms you want to offer. Click, submit for your business terms to reach the buyer. The buyer can confirm the order only at negotiated terms agreed by you.
You can negotiate 3 rounds with the buyer.

Fulfillment Tracking

Upon confirmation of the order, you will receive a Deal Summary page filled by the buyer. You will have to fill up your details in this Deal Summary and click submit to confirm your acceptance. This is the starting point of tracking. Follow the work flow after that and upload documents as required. You can see the status of your order in your dashboard anytime
Yes. You receive notifications and alerts that make sure things as expected can be made to happen.
Yes. You can use the tracking feature of Trademaya even if you have not confirmed your deal on Trademaya so long as you and your trade partner are are registered members of Trademaya.
Sign in on Click Tracking on the homepage menu. Enter the deal details on the Deal Summary page and submit. Your trade partner will receive a notification and requested to provide his part of the information and confirm the deal summary by clicking submit. Both sides can then track the order.
You will need to fill the ETA and ETD based on BL details. Shortly, we will be providing you direct information about the shipment from the shipping line based on BL No and/or Container No.
No. Payment is made directly by the buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank as per their agreed terms of payment. Trademaya records the agreed terms of payment and sends automatic notifications and alerts for payment to be made
You should file a dispute at and resolve your dispute using the communication platform of Trademaya. You could take other actions as agreed and documented in the Purchase/Sales Order.
After a thorough investigation of the case, Trademaya may blacklist a defaulting buyer from further trade on